Measure the depth of your pool in feet.

Trapezoid Slab Concrete Calculator.

Olympic-size swimming pool contains 2,500,000 L of water, assuming a nominal depth of 2 m. .

As you enter new dimensions into the volume calculator, a running total will also be displayed.


Irregular Pool Volume Calculator. Considering the standard dimensions of the Olympic pools using our calculator, we obtained that the volume of the Olympic pool is 3. Mathematics Volume Calculators.

5 m by itself to arrive at 2.

Check out Pentair's easy-to-use pool volume calculator to calculate the volume of your swimming pool water by choosing the shape, dimensions and depth. 19/5. 5 = Approximate Volume (Gallons) Note: “A”.

5 (gallons of water per cu ft) = Pool Volume (gallons) To keep our example simple, let’s say that our 6ft deep pool is a 12 x 36 pool. volume = length ×.

5 = 19,440) If you have a pool that drops off steeply or is an irregular shape, it may be helpful to divide the.

Oval Pools: 3.

Kidney Shaped Pool Volume Calculator. Rectangular pool: length x width x average depth = pool volumeCircular pool: radius x radius x 3.

Irregular Prism Volume Calculator. But a pool volume is usually measured in gallons, so to convert the cubic footage to gallons, simply multiply the cubic footage measurement by 7.

And at times there will be a small section that falls outside the calculated area that needs to be included.

The calculator uses imperial measurements for the calculations.

Our Pool Volume Calculator is an efficient tool that will calculate the volume or capacity of your pool.

31 to get the volume of your pool in litres. . .

Irregular Prism Volume Calculator. , multiply the radius by the radius). Substituting the dimensions into the formula gives the surface. For example, a pool is 20 feet long and has widths of 10 and 15 feet. There are two methods used to calculate the capacity of irregular shapes. A shape known as a Trapezoid in North America or a Trapezium in the rest of the English-speaking world can come in many shapes but have at least one pair of parallel running sides.

, multiply the radius by the radius).

. 141592654).

Nov 25, 2020 · Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Depth (ft) x 7.


5 will help you find a close estimate of volume.


5 = 19,440) If you have a pool that drops off steeply or is an irregular shape, it may be helpful to divide the.