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In any problem with a geometric flavor, draw a picture and look for similar triangles, Pythagorean theorem, area formulas, etc.

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Fences, baseboards, molding, and measures of various edges are common in these word problems. 2. " y is -- twice as large as 2 less than x " 2 times x-2 translates to y = 2 (x - 2).

Label the Right angle C.

. Finite geometric series word problems. The remaining fifteen are given in the context of right triangles.

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Three of the problems are multi-step problems that require both geometric mean and the Pythagorean Theorem.


First three terms means n = 0, 1, & 2. .

Solid geometry word problems. .

Look for key phrases involving proportionality:.

Problem #1: Your investment earns 20% during the first year, but then realizes a loss of 10% in year 2, and another 10% in year 3.

Kuta Software - Infinite Geometry Name_____ Special Right Triangles Date_____ Period____ Find the missing side lengths.

20. Solve for x and y. •find the n-th term of a geometric progression; •find the sum of a geometric series; •find the sum to infinity of a geometric series with common ratio |r| < 1.

The measure of the altitude is the geometric mean of the two segments of the hypotenuse 3. No work = no credit. The Geometric Mean (G. 2. Write an equation using the variable.

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, the altitude to the hypotenuse, has a length of 8 units.

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