A single serving of walnuts also offers up a percentage of several recommended daily vitamins and minerals, including: Calcium: 3%.

Our walnut farm consists of two orchards; one in Manjimup and one in Nannup, Western Australia.

Green walnuts by order December/January; Website: Sassafrasnuts. Between the two orchards there are some 64 HA planted with a number of walnut varieties, including Chandler Howard and Tullare, with the major orchard of 60HA.

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80/100 g). UNIT 100g. read more Farming We bring the best possible locally-grown, natural nut products from our orchards to the world.


Buy Raw Walnuts online from The Nut Market. . Nutrient-rich, raw walnuts are a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals.

. The sharpness of the tang makes this nut a popular ingredient in desserts because it balances out the sweetness.

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. Their unique, ruffle-like shape makes them an attractive garnish, but it's most likely their flavor that makes them so popular with cooks.

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At Olam, you can choose between whole walnuts which are perfect for food retailers, or you can buy bulk walnuts in quarters and pieces which are low in foreign material and an ideal input for food manufacturers.


It makes an ideal gift and comes in a 250ml bottle. Buy walnuts online at Nuts About Life. Nov 12, 2021 · A Great Shade Tree.

Buy Green Tree REGULAR Walnut Kernels, Walnut Without Shell/Akhrot Giri, 250GM PACK OF 2 (500GM) Walnuts for Rs. Our vision is to grow the highest premium quality fresh Australian walnuts available and offer these to discerning customers whilst they are at their peak freshness. Otway Walnuts - Home of premium quality fresh Australian Walnuts and Walnut products. Nutrient-rich, raw walnuts are a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals. Pickled Walnuts.


They commonly grow to 50 feet or taller and about as wide, but specimens of more than 100 feet have been recorded. Coaldale Walnuts, Richmond, Tasmania.

Fiber: 2g.



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